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Lie to Me has just stepped up to the plate and forced me to find a fandom. Where is the Lie to Me fandom? Is there one? Please?

So the case of the week was compelling, but of course that's not what was so great. We finally get to meet the dreaded ex, to the dismay of I'm sure many Lightman/Foster and Lightman/annoying-"natural"-whose-name-I-never-bothered-to-learn shippers (if they exist, of course). And I've finally found a reason to step up my love for this show from best new show this season to fandom tempting love.

First of all, they did an amazing job casting Zoe. Jennifer Beals looks like she really could be Hayley McFarland's mother. The interplay between Zoe and Lightman was fantastic. And I really didn't expect those last few seconds. But I was happy they happened. :)

As I've usually found, Lie to Me has a bit of trouble handling the secondary story. It's not so much that I don't think they tell the second story well, because they usually do and I usually enjoy it, but the switching between the stories, particularly the first segue, is very choppy, and needs work. It is way too noticeable for me, and I would almost prefer if they just dropped it. (Of course, if that would mean no more "natural" I would be really happy.) But this week's story was really great. Better than usual, I thought, though the transitions were still pretty weak.

A Cal/Zoe (I just thought of the worst ship name ever, and I seriously hope it never is used seriously: Calzone) picspam (featuring Emily) will follow when I get home from work.

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