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It's that time of year again, when we all find out which shows we love that we will never see again, and which shows we will spend the next three months desperately searching for the leaked pilot. This is a pretty good year for me. All of the shows I care about are either already renewed or were canceled months ago. Upfronts are more likely to piss me off by what they do renew than what they don't. (Speaking of, ugh, Scrubs is back? WTF?)

This year I get to worry mostly about pilots. There are three I'm really pulling for, mostly due to casting choices, though I have read one of the scripts and hope it makes it for less shallow reasons. And here, too, it seems I'm mostly spared much grief.

The Good Wife, a CBS pilot, is rumored to be hot. Matt Czuchry is in it, and I really miss my weekly Matt fix, even though it never really was very weekly. When I first read about the pilot I figured there was no possible way CBS would pick it up, because it just doesn't seem very CBS. It's about a politician's wife who decides to go back to work as a lawyer. Matt is one of the other lawyers in the firm. For some reason it just strikes me as more ABC than CBS. But I guess I was wrong.

The Forgotten, formerly known as the The Unknown, apparently has already gotten a 13 episode order. Rupert Penry-Jones, Wentworth in the recent Persuasion adaptation, is starring. I thought this one was out because no one was talking about it, but it turns out they were just using the old name not the new one, and it's been on the hot list all along.

And finally, the one I really want to see on my TV, and the one that is actually still in danger, Body Politic. I read the script and loved it. I'm working on a script review to post here, that will hopefully be up before the weekend is over. Jason Dohring is in it, so I would want it to air whether it is actually good or not (I rooted for Moonlight after all), but the fact that the script was so good, and his character is someone I would absolutely love to have on my TV every week makes me that much more emotionally involved in upfronts this week. Here's hoping we hear something on Monday or Tuesday and I don't have to wait all week to know...

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