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 Well, after a less than stellar year to begin with, 2010 decided to end as horribly as possible, with me stuck in NYC for an extra week due to the blizzard and travel clusterfuck. That means I lost a week's worth of pay. Ugh. So fucking pissed off whenever I think of that. 

Once I got over that (which I never did, but okay) it wasn't so horrible having the extra time to bond with my brother and nephew. I took my four-year-old nephew to the Children's Museum of Manhattan and we walked all over the city all day, which ended up being way too much for him. But it was still fun, and I got a bunch of nice pics that made my grandma happy. 

The wedding that I was forced to come to New York for was fine. I got very drunk very early and got through it. Barefoot. I may have a head injury from a fall. But it's fine. It was the after that was so fucking horrible. UGH. Stuck outside in a blizzard for four hours just walking back and forth through Flatbush trying to figure out SOMEWHERE to go for shelter. It was harrowing. My aunt still hasn't recovered. 

So, basically, I was right. This wedding should not have happened. My sister married a douchebag who demanded they marry in New York the day after Christmas because he's a fucking douchebag. And I was the one to suffer for it. 
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The good: I had an interview today. I think it went well. It's not for something exactly in the field I want to be in, but it's at least in a place where there is mobility to a field I want to be in. And it is temp-to-perm, so hopefully I would soon have BENEFITS! INSURANCE! GAH!

The bad: If I do get a new job, I'm going to have to spend a buttload of money on a new wardrobe. My current office has an extremely lax dress code, and I need a ton of new clothes for a real job.

The ugly: Ugh. My stupid bitch sister's stupid bitch wedding is 15 days sooner than I thought it was. I have no idea how I counted so wrong. Ugh. I HOPE I will fit the dress in only 41 days, and considering I've gotten my waist to the right size in only 23, I think I can get my chest there in nearly double that, but ugh. I really wanted it to still be 56 days away. 

In more good, Parks & Recreation is coming back! HUZZAH! And NBC gave it the cushy post-Office spot! IT WILL LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER SEASON!!!!!!!

Also good: Boardwalk Empire. My god I love this show. I'm even starting to be interested in the politics and such. And I think we're about to find out who Jimmy's father is! (I have my suspicions, but I want to know for sure.)

Random: I was looking at my driver's license today, and it just emphasized how long my hair is right now. My driver's license pic is from a year ago, and my hair is just brushing my shoulders. It is currently halfway down my back. I need a cut, but I'll probably wait until after the wedding. That way there's lots of hair to work with for an up-do.
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Uggggghhhhhh. I think I'm getting sick. I powered through and shredded anyway today, though that may have been a mistake. But fuck it. And I'll power through and go to work tomorrow, too. I just need to stop somewhere and pick up a metric ton of vitamin C and zinc. And Dayquil. And probably a lot of pain killers, too.  
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 So, I'm nearly halfway through the 30 Day Shred. I'm not really feeling a difference, but I know it usually takes a while until your body starts to acknowledge the fact that you have decide you don't want to be a fat slob anymore. I have over 2 months to go until the dreaded wedding, but I'm concerned that won't be enough time to fit in my dress. I should probably start thinking about other options.

I'm also thinking about what to do when the 30 days are up. I can't really start again, unless I just want to do level 3 (or level 2 and level 3, since I hear level 3 is actually easier than level 2) every day for another month and a half. I might order another Jillian Michaels DVD. Maybe No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. But maybe not. My fear is that I'm not going to be willing/able to do an hour a day instead of half an hour a day. I may get Shred It with Weights. I'll have to ask the mother if she wants to sponsor my weight loss, since she'll be the one paying for a new dress if I can't fit in mine. $40 or so for a few DVDs and a kettlebell seems like a steal compared to the cost of a dress fit for my sister's goddamn wedding. 

The other option is trying to start running again. I'd like to do this at some point, and I understand that once you have built up some muscle and lung capacity that running is easier. But I don't think I want to waste my half hour a day building up my running ability, at least not until after the wedding. 
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(I feel like if I'm actually going to use DW I should get some more icons. But... effort.)

Honestly, I kind of don't want to know who wins tonight. It's going to be depressing, I know, so I'm just sticking to watching the California results, and trying to tune out everything else. I accidentally saw on Twitter that Feingold lost, and that has me upset enough. 

In California, exit polls look like wins for Brown and Boxer, so, if that holds, I can be happy, a bit. But Prop 19 is going down. :( I am 100% drug free (other than those prescribed to me) but I am strongly in favor of decriminalizing pot. There's no reason for it to be illegal, and it was only made illegal originally because of the fucking cotton lobby. It's all ridiculous.

I haven't seen any projections on Prop 23, but that better fucking be voted down. That's the one where they suspend the implementation of air pollution regulation. Yeah, because in this state we really need more pollution. Ugh.

Anyway, in happier news, I watched Boardwalk Empire finally. THAT'S what I should get icons for. I'm really loving the shit out of this show. And I HAVE A SHIP!!! It's been a long time (pretty much since VM) since I really cared about a ship in more than a passing fashion. (Yeah, Leslie/Ron Fucking Swanson all the way, but I don't actually care if it happens or not.) But Nucky/Margaret is just so wonderful. And fucked up. And he's totally going to marry her and they will have lots and lots of babies and none of them will be premies. I'm still waiting for the explanation about his obsession with premies, but I assume his wife died in childbirth with a premature baby. And after this week, I assume he blames the death of the baby on his wife not being there to nurture it.

In completely unhappy news, my commute to work just got fucking horrible. It's usually 25 mins door to door, but they closed down my exit for the next month and a half. I'm going to have to try out some different exits, because today I took the exit after mine and it took me 45 minutes to get from my exit to work. And my office is literally ON the highway. It normally takes me 2-3 minutes from the exit to pulling into a parking space. So, blah. So fucking annoying. 
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I have submitted my second and last application for the first round. Two schools, $350. It's insane. But it's over and there's nothing I can do to change it now, so all I can do is wait.

While I wait, I watch TV. I just watched The Walking Dead. The first half hour was everything I hate about zombie movies - one guy alone. It's the lack of other people that scares the shit out of me. Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, etc. they all had groups of people nearly the entire time. That's what I like.  But luckily this wasn't like that the whole time. And the hook at the end totally caught me. So I will be back next week.

I still haven't watched this week's Boardwalk Empire. I am loving the show, but my friends are all unavailable tonight, and I was going to watch it alone, but I prefer the company. I like talking about it while watching. 

I'm on level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and it's ridiculously hard. If I don't fit into my dress after doing this for two months, something is seriously wrong.
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So, my sister is getting married in 79 days. That's the day after Christmas for those who don't want to do the math. In NYC. Ugh. I hate that bitch.

Anyway, I have this gorgeous dress (my profile pic on Facebook) that was custom made for a friend's wedding. It was ridiculously expensive, but I didn't have to pay for it. And I love this dress. Problem is, it was made when I was at my skinniest post-Celiac diagnosis weight. I tried it on a couple of days ago and it doesn't fit anymore. I'm guessing that to be safe, I need to lose 20 lbs. So I am doing the 30 day shred. I have time to fit it in twice if I do it everyday. I'm on day 3 and I am in so much pain. I know it will get better as I continue to do it, but still. Kill me now. I can barely walk. Those goddamn, motherfucking lunges are what did it. My calves would like to just detach and leave, thank you very much.

So that's what I'm up to right now. Still waiting to hear about second interview for awesome job. The guy was out of town this week as well, so I was told I would hear by the end of this week, so hopefully today. They do still want to see me, so that's good. And I'm going to visit USC next week. And then there's still my Halloween costume to get. So much stuff to do.
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So, I'm applying to b-school. I'm kind of getting a little excited at the idea. The biggest problem I have with going back to school is the thought of the debt I will end up with. DO NOT WANT! But when I get past the fear of never paying off my education, I actually like the idea. I'm almost even excited at the thought of maybe moving to the deuce if I end up at U of M, even though it's not my first choice. I do like my cousins and free room and board!

But now I have to pretend I'm medicated and just write my goddamn essays. I have about 6 or so to write between the two schools. But I'm not writing tonight because tonight is for watching Boardwalk Empire. And maybe Weeds. And some Inbetweeners.

Oh, and tonight is for lamenting that I finished Doctor Who Series 5. When I finished series 4, I was fine. Ten was gone and I figured I wouldn't really like Eleven and I was in no rush to watch it. I waited a couple of months, in fact. But, it turns out, I LIKE Eleven. A lot. He's not Ten, but he doesn't have to be. He's quite awesome in his own right, just as Nine was, and I'm sure 1-8 were, too. So I really really want MORE! Dammit. I didn't want to like Who. I mean, I still think it's completely silly and I HATE episodes that have either Daaleks or Cybermen, but it's just so entertaining. And I finally really like the companion. I hated Rose and Donna, and while I liked Martha, Amy is just so much better. So, now I need it to come back. Stupid waiting until Christmas.

In other news, my mother has just now decided she is going to be super negative about the MBA thing. She's acting like I just came up with the idea today and didn't communicate with her about this two months ago when I approached both my parents about it. Oh, and like I haven't been telling her I need to study for the GMAT every time I talked to her since then. Lovely.
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It's been a long while, but I've been feeling like I really need some sort of outlet. To discuss various and sundry things. For example, Doctor Who. And Cougar Town. And applying for b-school. And Denard Robinson. So, I am back. For a bit, at least. We'll see how long it lasts.
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It's that time of year again, when we all find out which shows we love that we will never see again, and which shows we will spend the next three months desperately searching for the leaked pilot. This is a pretty good year for me. All of the shows I care about are either already renewed or were canceled months ago. Upfronts are more likely to piss me off by what they do renew than what they don't. (Speaking of, ugh, Scrubs is back? WTF?)

This year I get to worry mostly about pilots. There are three I'm really pulling for, mostly due to casting choices, though I have read one of the scripts and hope it makes it for less shallow reasons. And here, too, it seems I'm mostly spared much grief.

The Good Wife, a CBS pilot, is rumored to be hot. Matt Czuchry is in it, and I really miss my weekly Matt fix, even though it never really was very weekly. When I first read about the pilot I figured there was no possible way CBS would pick it up, because it just doesn't seem very CBS. It's about a politician's wife who decides to go back to work as a lawyer. Matt is one of the other lawyers in the firm. For some reason it just strikes me as more ABC than CBS. But I guess I was wrong.

The Forgotten, formerly known as the The Unknown, apparently has already gotten a 13 episode order. Rupert Penry-Jones, Wentworth in the recent Persuasion adaptation, is starring. I thought this one was out because no one was talking about it, but it turns out they were just using the old name not the new one, and it's been on the hot list all along.

And finally, the one I really want to see on my TV, and the one that is actually still in danger, Body Politic. I read the script and loved it. I'm working on a script review to post here, that will hopefully be up before the weekend is over. Jason Dohring is in it, so I would want it to air whether it is actually good or not (I rooted for Moonlight after all), but the fact that the script was so good, and his character is someone I would absolutely love to have on my TV every week makes me that much more emotionally involved in upfronts this week. Here's hoping we hear something on Monday or Tuesday and I don't have to wait all week to know...


May. 11th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Maybe I'm just setting myself up for major disappointment, but I think I'm going to get an offer for the LA internship in a couple of days. I think.


Of note:

Apr. 29th, 2009 11:45 am
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  • This is full of win. First of all, the book purses are beautiful. But even better? Scroll down and take a look at the Naughty Bits. If only I wore pins. :(
  • I have finished school for evers and ever. At least until someone convinces me I need to go get an MBA or something. But now I get to start my career in TV! Internship that I don't really want but will gladly take starts on Monday. Hoping to hear from internship that I desperately want between now and then.
  • I have to pack everything I own and put it in my car in the hopes of never returning home. I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow. I haven't even begun. Good thing I don't own very much stuff.
  • Can I get Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness series for my 11-year-old niece? Her birthday is on Saturday and she apparently wants to read Twilight and I'm trying to keep her from that brain rot. But I can't remember how explicit the sex in Song of the Lioness is. The publisher recommends it for 12+ so it can't be too explicit, can it?
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My boss just told me this today. 100% true.

About 20 years ago, my boss, who is a probate lawyer, was handling the estate of a woman who had died in a hotel owned by her brother on an island off the coast of Spain (I can't remember the name, something with an M). She died by hitting her head on a table while very drunk. The coroner was her uncle. He signed off on the cause of death, and the body was sent in a closed casket to be buried in Puerto Rico. 
Back in Miami, the decedent had a boyfriend. Shortly before her trip she had purchased a new truck for him and a condo which she put in both their names. He was also the beneficiary of her life insurance. The problem was, the insurance company refused to pay. They claimed she was not dead. The judge in the case says that there's a death certificate, so what more can he do? So the insurance company presents the following as evidence:
The alleged decedent was a buyer in the jewelry business. She would go on trips to Europe for a few weeks at a time and would make lots of purchases and have them shipped back to her business partner on a regular basis while she was continuing to buy. Whenever she made a shipment back to him, she would speak to him and relay all the details about what she was sending him and how everything should be priced. The day she died, she had an hour long conversation with her business partner about the latest shipment. (They knew this due to the hotel's phone records.) From the business partner's notes, they knew that she was just as explicit in her instructions as she always was. Half an hour after the phone call ended, she supposedly was so inebriated she fell, hit her head, and died. The insurance company said that there was no way she could have been drunk during the phone conversation and half an hour was not long enough to get that drunk afterwards. 
After the hearing, my boss got a call from the boyfriend. He said, "She's not dead." He knew this because he was ex-CIA. He told my boss that the alleged decedent was a mafia currency mule. She had false bottoms in some of her suitcases where she would hide cash from the various countries she visited on her buying trips. The problem was, she had been skimming for a while now, and the mafia had figured it out. 
The woman was able to run off using her Italian passport, which she had due to her brief marriage to a member of the Italian royalty. She also had at least three US passports, plus most likely several other countries' passports. She had four US social security numbers, and just trying to locate all her money in the US was impossible. She had accounts across the country under various names. She had several post office boxes, at least one of which they only discovered because they got a notice at one of the other PO boxes that they needed to renew, so who knows how many they never discovered. She was never heard from again, and the insurance company never did pay out that policy.
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I did the easy thing and just imported my LJ icons. I should probably dump a couple and get some nifty DW ones. :)

I'm not super thrilled with the layout choices so far, but I understand that there are limitations. Can't wait for that to be fixed up a bit.

I created a community, mostly because the name was available and it seemed like a good idea. [community profile] tv is up, but not quite running yet. Must work on it when I get a chance, and get some stuff posted.

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